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Analog and Digital Circuits

The use of analog and digital circuit are the fundamental building blocks used in all devices in the field of electronics. While there are a very large number of patents already on file for analog and digital circuits, engineers and inventors continue to innovate and find new ideas to revolutionize and improve analog and digital circuits. Understanding the fundaments of electronics, including Kirchhoff’s circuit laws, Maxwell’s equations, signal processing theory, circuit modeling, and general circuit analysis when dealing with analog circuits and having strong training in computer and digital logic, as well as microprocessor programming, memory allocation, and similar areas are essential skills that our attorneys bring to their legal work from their prior extensive backgrounds in engineering.

Analog Circuits

Preparing patent applications related to analog circuit requires that the attorney preparing the application have a strong background in analog circuit design in order to understand the inventions that the inventor is describing to the attorney, properly describe the invention in the application, guide the inventor to consider any possible design arounds and ensure that any such design arounds are disclosed and claimed to prevent potential infringers from circumventing the patent. The key to preparing a strong patent is not only to prepare “broad” claims, but to ensure that the ways that others might try to design around the claimed invention are considered ahead of time and disclosed in the patent application to prevent a potential infringer from undermining the inventor’s exclusive right to their invention, as provided by the US Constitution. Our attorneys have experience in protecting the rights to new and improved amplifiers, filters, frequency mixers, modulators, phase lock loops, oscillators, frequency synthesizers and a list that is too long to elaborate on in this short discussion.

Digital Circuits

Understanding and analyzing digital circuits can be as complex as analog circuits. In many cases, digital circuits have taken the place of analog circuit, even for functions that have traditionally been the exclusive domain of analog circuits. Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are used in many devices, such as transmitters and receivers for everything from making steerable antennas to performing digital frequency conversions. Accordingly, understanding complex functions can be essential to understanding the underlying digital circuit that accomplishes the functionality that was traditionally done using analog circuits. In addition, there are many simplifications that are possible using digital circuits to perform processing tasks. Our attorneys have worked extensively with inventions related to cellular communications, satellite communications, radar and laser systems. They understand the complex technologies used in today’s products and can properly prepare applications for inventions related to these technologies in order to provide effective legal counsel to clients that are operating in a competitive environment in which protecting our clients’ investment in developing and inventing new products is critical to success.