History of the Firm

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Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland has roots that date back to 1995, when Marty Jaquez started his own firm, Jaquez and Associates. Before starting his firm, Marty had been an attorney with the firm of Knobbe Martin Olson and Bear and later with the firm of Spensley Horn Jubas and Lubitz (SHJL). After gaining experience in private practice, Marty worked as in-house counsel for two of San Diego’s premier communications companies. After starting his firm, Jaquez and Associates employed local San Diego patent attorneys to assist in the representation of Marty’s clients. Jaquez and Associates successfully served the intellectual property law needs of Marty’s clients for 19 years.

In 2014, John Land left his in-house position with Ab Initio Software LLC, based in Boston Massachusetts and joined Marty as a partner to form the law firm of Jaquez Land, LLP. John and Marty had a long association, going back to the days when Marty first started practicing law in San Diego with the Los Angeles based firm of SHJL, where John was a partner for several years prior to Marty joining the firm. John and Marty forged a strong relationship as John provided guidance and mentorship to Marty. Marty was delighted to have his old mentor join as his firm and the two transitioned their long working relationship into a partnership.

Having started his own private practice after leaving his in-house role as Vice President, Chief Patent Counsel at Entropic Communications, Inc. in 2014, Bruce Greenhaus started to coordinate his practice with the firm that Marty and John had formed. Bruce had also been mentored by John at SHJL and the three had maintained a relationship over the years. Later in 2014, as the coordination between Jaquez Land and Bruce grew, Bruce joined the partnership with Marty and John. The relationship that Marty and Bruce had with John as their mentor in their early days blossomed into a beautiful partnership that is now the basis of the law firm of Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland.

We are proud to have added Jim to our partnership in 2021. Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and is a perfect fit with Marty, John and Bruce. Jim was in private practice with a top San Francisco law firm and had worked with Bruce in several of the positions that they have had over the years. It seemed a natural extension of the firm to have Jim join the partnership. Jim’s years of experience and technology background are a perfect fit with the other partners.