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Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland is a full service intellectual property (IP) law firm with powerful technology expertise combined with the highest quality legal skills. Our experience comes from both inside fortune 100 companies and from our work in some of the best law firms in the United States. Each of the three partners has over 27 years of experience counseling high tech clients in patents, licensing, litigation and other related topics, such as copyrights and trademarks. Our strong technical and legal expertise allows us to understand complex technologies and find the best way to protect and license our client’s inventions. In addition to enhancing our ability to write powerful patent applications that result in robust issued patents, our ability to converse in the language of the inventors means that even when preparing patent applications that involve the most complex inventions, our attorneys can communicate with the inventors at their level and in their language. Many of our attorneys have engineering experience prior to attending law school, and so relate to the inventors from the engineering perspective.

Our attorneys apply that understanding with the perspective of a high-powered, partner level attorney, skilled in
litigation, prosecution and licensing honed over years of protecting the rights of some of the best companies in the world. This combination of in-depth technical understanding, superb legal training and experience is a powerful driver that unleashes the potential of our clients’ intellectual property.

Take Your Intellectual Property Seriously with IP Lawyers in San Diego, CA

You may think that your ideas are safe, but without proper protection, another company may commercialize your product before you even get a chance to. Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland takes your intellectual property seriously, and as your IP attorney in San Diego, will prepare your patent application properly the first time. We have the technical expertise to handle a range of applications, from artificial intelligence and software through to medical devices and block chain technology.

Lawyers for Intellectual Property in San Diego Who Understand Your Work

As an experienced intellectual property law firm in San Diego, we believe in taking a personal approach to each and every case to maximize the scope and value of your patent regardless of the niche. Our partners have decades of experience in innovation which are applied in each case with the individual attention that is required. We are positioned perfectly to represent you in prosecuting your patent against your competition with success to strengthen your portfolio against risk.

Can You Afford Not To Be Represented By Intellectual Property Lawyers in San Diego, CA?

With innovation on the rise and a significant increase in the strength of your competition, you simply cannot afford not to have proper representation by an intellectual property attorney in San Diego, CA. Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland has exceptional experience in a range of technologies and legal practice areas for development and prosecution of patents, trademarks, copyright, licensing and trade secrets. Contact us regarding your case using our contact form or call at (858) 453-2004.


Selecting an IP Firm Can Be Difficult

Our combination of technical expertise and legal experience provides a solid foundation for selecting Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland.

Whether you are in-house counsel at a relatively large corporation or the CEO/CTO of a startup, selecting outside patent counsel to represent your company can be difficult. When selecting a firm to represent your company, you are entrusting some of the most valuable assets your company to your counsel. Your company’s ability to protect its intellectual property can have a significant impact on the viability of the company and its ability to survive and thrive in a competitive environment. Therefore, assessing the ability of the attorneys of a firm to prepare patent applications that result in strong, relevant, effective and targeted issued patents is critical to the process of selecting IP counsel.

So, how does one go about determining whether a firm is likely to prepare meaningful and effective patent applications and prosecute those applications in a way that results in the issuance of robust patents. Even for experienced patent attorneys working in-house with a significant understanding of the law, it can be difficult to assess the skills of another attorney. Typically, the best way is to read their previous work (i.e., patent applications that have been published and patents that have issued to other clients of theirs). However, if you do not have experience in patent law, this approach will not provide a clear window into the capability of the attorney. Patents are difficult documents to read, since they are both a legal document and a technical document.

Clearly, if the technical elements are not written clearly, the patent will likely not provide significant legal protection for the invention at issue. However, writing a robust and meaningful patent involves three distinct components: (1) the specification of the invention should provide a clear technical description of the invention; (2) the legal aspects of the technical description should be written in a way that supports the validity and broad scope of the

We pride ourselves in not passing the work to younger associates… giving our clients the benefit of reasonable rates for very highly skilled and experienced partner level attorneys.

claimed invention; and (3) the legal components (primarily the “claims”) of the document must be prepared to stand up to the arcane rules of construction and interpretation that the courts have erected.

Because it is difficult for those not skilled in patent law to directly evaluate the capabilities of a patent attorney, the best way to select counsel is based on both legal and technical experience. At Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland, our attorneys have extensive experience in both. We pride ourselves in not passing the work to younger associates, but rather, we do the day to day work ourselves, giving our clients the benefit of large firm experience at reasonable rates for partner level attorneys that are very highly skilled.


I have worked with Bruce Greenhaus at two companies now. He helped us prepare patent applications for some important inventions. Bruce really understands the technology that we work with. His help in directing the claims to ensure that the important aspects of the invention were captured was really great. Because he understands the inventions, we didn’t have to spend a lot of time going over things with him. When we get his first draft, it almost always captures the essence of the invention in a way that I think will make the invention clear to people reading the patent later. Working with Bruce has been very pleasant and efficient and I would recommend people interested in protecting their IP rights to take advantage of his legal and technical skills.

Saeid Safavi, Ph.D.

Bruce Greenhaus and I worked together when he was the V.P. Patent Counsel of the company we worked at. Bruce wrote cases for me and the group that I led developing the first global positioning satellite (GPS) in a cellular phone, as well as supervising outside counsel to prepare applications for us. He made sure that the claims for these very important inventions were directed to the invention in a way that allowed the company to get the most out of our filings. His understanding of the technology was key to the work that we did together.In addition, we relied on his legal counsel in forming the patent portfolio around this important technology. In that respect, Bruce was always willing to talk me through the options at every stage to find what is the best IP strategy for the company.

I later worked with Bruce on some other technical areas. He is good at picking up new ideas that we were working on. Bruce is extremely knowledgeable about the patent process, patent strategy and how to make it work for you. I learned from Bruce that the real value in a patent lies in what you do with it. I would encourage anyone looking for a Patent attorney who is efficient, knowledgeable, kind, and has IP strategic vision to call Bruce Greenhaus.

Samir Soliman, Ph.D.

I hired Bruce Greenhaus based on a recommendation for an attorney friend of mine. I was having some difficulty getting a patent for my latest invention. The invention is at the core of my company’s work and is really important to the success of our efforts. Bruce came on board and understood the important aspects of the invention quickly and redirected the patent application to more clearly disclose my invention. The application was initially rejected by the patent office, but Bruce traveled with me to the patent office in Washington, D.C. to talk to the examiner and his boss in person. The examiner agreed to allow the claims, but afterwards, Bruce still had to work with the Examiner’s boss to get the examiner to allow the patent to issue. Bruce did a great job for us and I greatly appreciate the personal attention and detailed work that Bruce did to get this patent to issue.

Oved Zucker, President Polarix Corporation

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