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Practice Areas

Our Practice in Intellectual Property Law

Our practice is based on each attorney having several years of experience in both the law and technology. Our senior attorneys prepare applications for our clients themselves, without the use of lower level associates to do the majority of the work, as is the case in the model used by many of the large law firms today. By putting our senior attorneys directly to work for our clients, we deliver an outstanding level of strategic counsel and the highest quality patent applications, issued patents and legal opinions.

Patent Prosecution

Our attorneys have prepared, filed and prosecuted over 1000 patents covering a diverse set of technology areas, including hardware, software and methods related to Telecommunications, Internet Communications, Computer Networks and Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Integrated Circuit Fabrication and Packaging, Voice Recognition, Radar Systems, Intelligent Vehicles, Medical Devices, including Bone Screws, Surgical Tools and Implements, Catheters, Blood Analyzers, Global Positioning System (GPS) Receivers, Satellites, Avionics, Simulated Weapons Systems, Cryptography, Internet of Things, Block Chain, Imaging and Image Recognition and many other technology areas. We put our extensive experience in successfully patenting inventions that relate to software and method patents to work for our clients to ensure that no matter how their invention is claimed, we can handle the challenges of preparing an application that has the best chances of issuing as a meaningful, strong and enforceable patent.

Copyright Law

We are proud to protect and enforce copyrights for our clients. We provide services to register copyrights, provide counseling and assistance to our clients in drafting agreements related to copyrights. We can provide services to authors and artists as well as companies and other organizations in the arts, entertainment and sports industry.


Our attorneys have prepared negotiated and prepared hundreds of licenses for software, electronics, and biotechnology clients, and has often lectured on intellectual property topics. Our experience in litigation and patent prosecution informs our licensing practice and ensure that we have considered the consequences of an agreement that has come into conflict. The most important thing to keep in mind in drafting an agreement is that the purpose is to ensure that there are no outstanding matters over which there can later be disagreement and that all matters are sufficiently clearly laid out that even in the case of a dispute, the outcome is dictated by the agreement.

Trade Secret

Trade secret law can be overlooked by some people, but is an important component in the overall intellectual property strategy that should be considered by those that own intellectual property. We work to inform out clients on when to rely upon trade secret protection and when to file for patents to protect their intellectual property. There are several differences between patent protection and the protection that is available under trade secret law. By assisting our clients to understand these differences, we can guide our clients in selecting the right type of legal protection for each idea and product or service.


A company’s brand is one of its most important assets. A unique and distinct trade name can set it apart from the competition. We work with our clients to provide counsel to ensure their marks are well selected and used correctly. We can assist in the selection of strong marks that will be distinctive and result in attaining a high level of legal protection. We can identify conflicting marks for our clients before there is a conflict to protect our clients’ rights in the United States and around the world.

Infringement Analysis

The attorneys at Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland have been performing infringement analysis for over 25 years. We are skilled at reading and interpreting claims of a patent to determine the likelihood that a court would hold that a particular accused infringing system, product or activity infringes the patent. Our attorneys have taken or defended hundreds of depositions in a wide variety of intellectual property litigation and ITC actions.

Practice Areas