Technical Expertise

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The use of semiconductor is ubiquitous today. Almost every electronic device has a plethora of semiconductor devices that make up the device. These semiconductors perform everything from microprocessor functionality and controllers to radio receiver front ends and amplifiers.

Analog and Digital Circuits

The use of analog and digital circuit are the fundamental building blocks used in all devices in the field of electronics. While there are a very large number of patents already on file for analog and digital circuits, engineers and inventors continue to innovate and find new ideas to revolutionize and improve analog and digital circuits.

Satellite & Telecommunications

The field of communications today is a highly competitive and innovative technology space. Several companies are investing heavily in 5th generation (5G) technology to be the first to identify the challenges and solve the problems that confront those that wish to compete in this market.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been growing in significance and viability as a solution to real world problems for some time. The use of AI to do character recognition, voice recognition and image recognition has helped to move the state of the art forward, in addition to the use of AI for facial recognition.


Today, software can be found in the most mundane, as well as in the most complex products. Software makes it possible to have a degree of flexibility in the design of a product, including providing the ability to upgrade a product while it remains in the field.

Block Chain Technology

Blockchain is well known for its application to cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, many people believe that blockchain resents a generational technological transformation akin in its importance to the advent of the Internet in terms of how businesses perform transactions with one another.


The “Internet of Things”, known as IoT, has sprung up in the last several years as a very hot area for many of our clients. Our extensive experience in both hardware and software, including encryption, 3G and 5G wireless communications, artificial intelligence and both hardware and software generally

Medical Devices

Innovations in the medical devices field are happening at a rapid pace in light of gating technologies, such as artificial intelligence and communications advances that are making it possible to do more for patients. Systems to control the levels of insulin in a patient’s blood and smart devices that can track the vital statistics