What is Product Licensing?

A license provides permission to a third party for use of your intellectual property. This usage may be in the form of using your technology, trademark or copyright for a designated royalty or fee. No matter which form your licensing agreement takes, it is crucial that you utilize the services of a product licensing lawyer in San Diego to protect your idea from risk.

What Does a Product Licensing Attorney in San Diego Do?

All licensing agreements are centered on a partnership that is established through a contract. Licensing lawyers in San Diego are responsible for drawing up the contract to ensure that the intellectual property rights of the licensor are protected from any disputes that may happen in the future. Your licensing attorney will also ensure that all parties properly understand the agreement and the outcomes that the contract dictate.

What Kind of Technology Can Be Protected By a Licensing Agreement?

Absolutely any technology that is based on an idea that has value to another party can be protected by a licensing agreement. At Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland, we have successfully drafted licenses for products and services within a range of sectors, including medical, engineering, government and industry. As your licensing attorney in San Diego, CA, we handle the agreements at the partner level instead of using associates so that you benefit from our decades of experience in terms of protecting your intellectual property. We have worked with numerous companies from the startup level through to enterprise, providing the most comprehensive representation for licensing possible.