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Patent Prosecution

Our attorneys have prepared, filed and prosecuted over 1000 patents covering a diverse set of technology areas,including hardware, software and methods related to Telecommunications, Internet Communications, Computer Networks and Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Integrated Circuit Fabrication and Packaging, Voice Recognition, Radar Systems, Intelligent Vehicles, Medical Devices, including Bone Screws, Surgical Tools and Implements, Catheters, Blood Analyzers, Global Positioning System (GPS) Receivers, Satellites, Avionics, Simulated Weapons Systems, Cryptography, Internet of Things, Block Chain, Imaging and Image Recognition and many other technology areas. We put our extensive experience in successfully patenting inventions that relate to software and method patents to work for our clients to ensure that no matter how their invention is claimed, we can handle the challenges of preparing an application that has the best chances of issuing as a meaningful, strong and enforceable patent. In today’s environment in which protecting software and methods can be challenging in light of some decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, we are skilled at providing counsel and preparing applications that have a strong potential to issue. In fact, the vast majority of the patent applications that we prepare and file for our clients issue as patents. Furthermore, in the overwhelming majority of cases in which a patent does not issue, it is typically due to prior art cited by the USPTO Examiner.

The Three Challenges to Writing a Patent Application

A patent application is essentially the description of the invention that will be published when the patent issues. There are at least three major challenges to writing a patent application. The attorney must (1) understand the invention, (2) be able to describe the invention so that others can understand it, and (3) understand the law sufficiently that the patent meets all of the legal requirements to be enforceable. Accordingly, writing a patent application is a difficult endeavor that requires very special skills. These skills take time to develop. Our patent attorneys have extensive technical education and work experience, most as engineers for several years. In addition, they have been trained for under the supervision of a senior patent attorney that reviews and scrutinizes their work for several years before they prepare their first application without supervision. In order to prepare a patent application properly, the attorney preparing the application must understand the invention sufficiently that the invention can be described in a manner that will allow all necessary parties to understand the invention without the need for extensive assistance. For example, in order to enforce a patent, a jury must be able to determine that the invention has been infringed. Such a determination requires the jury to be able to understand the invention and “read” the “claims” of the patent to the onto the accused infringing device. In addition, patents undergo extreme scrutiny during a litigation or licensing negotiation. Any defects will be used by a potential infringer to avoid having to bend to the will of the patent owner. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that the technology is well described, the legal requirements of the patent application have to be nearly flawless. The attorneys of Jaquez Land Greenhaus pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that our clients rights are established and perfected.