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What Does a Patent Protect?

The goal of applying for a patent is to protect the rights of your intellectual property. Your patent allows you to dictate how your idea is used in a commercial sense. In the technological sector, patents are developed to deliver exclusivity to your invention, whether it be a piece of software, a device or a process. This means that no other party can commercialize your idea without your permission for the length of time stipulated in the patent. Applying for a patent is a lengthy and complex process and should be undertaken with the assistance of patent lawyers in San Diego.

In What Circumstances Do You Need a Patent Attorney in San Diego?

If a product or idea that is described in your approved patent is used for profit by another party, then you need the services of patent prosecution lawyers in San Diego. Your attorney will defend your rights to your patent in the courts to both stop the unapproved usage of your technology as well as ensure that you receive compensation for the damages that you suffer.

Can I License My Technology if I Do Not Have a Patent?

In general, it is extremely difficult to license or transfer rights to your technology if you do not have a patent. Without a patent, you do not have substantiated intellectual property rights to create a contract to your benefit. Successful litigation of your case can only be achieved by partnering with lawyers for patent prosecution in San Diego.