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What Is a Trade Secret?

A trade secret is any information that has value to the success of your technology only if the information is not known to other parties, including the public. Trade secrets are an important aspect of intellectual property rights that pertain exclusively to your company and that give you an edge over the competition. These rights can be protected by a trade secrets law firm in San Diego such as Jacquez Land Greenhaus, LLP, to promote the commercial success of your technology.

How Are Trade Secrets Protected?

Should your trade secrets be disclosed without authorization, then you have a degree of protection within the legal system. Trade secrets lawyers in San Diego present your case in order to prevent further misappropriation of your information as well as argue for your rights to royalties or damages that arise as a result of the disclosure. This type of misappropriation is regarded as theft and is taken very seriously by the courts.

What Type of Technology Can Be Considered a Trade Secret?

The scope of technology that is considered a trade secret under California law includes methods, patterns, software, devices, techniques, formulas and compilations that provide economic value to a company only if it is not known. This information can also include marketing information, inventions that are not yet patented as well as customer information. The entire definition of trade secrets can be found in the Uniform Trade Secrets Act that has been adopted by the state of California.