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Trade Secret

Trade secret law can be overlooked by some people, but is an important component in the overall intellectual property strategy that should be considered by those that own intellectual property. We work to inform out clients on when to rely upon trade secret protection and when to file for patents to protect their intellectual property. There are several differences between patent protection and the protection that is available under trade secret law. By assisting our clients to understand these differences, we can guide our clients in selecting the right type of legal protection for each idea and product or service.

Trade Secret Law Provides an Inexpensive Alternative

Trade secret law provides a relatively inexpensive alternative to preparing and filing a patent to protect an idea. In those cases in which trade secret protection is a better fit for the particular type of intellectual property, we can save our clients a significant amount of time and money, while ensuring that the client takes advantage of the most effective means available to protect their ideas. Our deep understanding of technologies makes it possible for us to evaluate whether patent law or trade secret law is the best fit for protecting inventions that involve complex areas of technology, such as communications, artificial intelligence, medical devices, software applications (including applications that run on smartphones), cryptography, radar, sonar, etc.

Patenting Software inventions can pose several unique problems, making software inventions to be particular well suited in some cases to protection under trade secret law. Our expertise and years of experience in assisting our clients in protecting their software inventions provides us with the ability to determine whether a particular software invention is better suited to protection under patent law or trade secret law, to prepare a patent application where appropriate or alternatively to counsel our client to ensure that they are using best practices to ensure that they can take the fullest advantage of trade secret law.