What Does a Trademark Law Firm in San Diego Do?

Trademarks are developed to protect your brand from being misused by another party for profit. For instance, this can occur in situations where someone else tries to use a business name that closely represents yours. In these cases, you require a trademark infringement lawyer in San Diego. This type of lawyer will assist you in registering your trademark as well as providing you the information regarding your rights for using an unregistered trademark, such as sending cease and desist notices and performing litigation for your case.

What if I Have Not Registered a Trademark?

If you have not registered a trademark for your business, you still have intellectual property rights under California law. California operates under the “first use rule” for unregistered trademarks. Trademark lawyers in San Diego assist you with establishing the initial date of your unregistered trademark usage before the courts to prevent further use by other parties.

State Versus Federal Trademarks

Registration of your trademark can be made at the state or federal level. For trademarks registered federally, you have recourse for unauthorized use across the United States. This has a range of benefits over state trademark registration as it provides protection within a wider scope. Lawyers for trademark registration in San Diego can help you to determine which type of trademark registration is right for your company.

Is There a Time Limit of Trademarks?

Yes. Trademarks are valid for a period of five years following registration. This applies to both state and federally registered trademarks. A trademark registration lawyer in San Diego can assist you with filing renewal paperwork once this timeframe has been reached.