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Medical Devices

Innovations in the medical devices field are happening at a rapid pace in light of gating technologies, such as artificial intelligence and communications advances that are making it possible to do more for patients. Systems to control the levels of insulin in a patient’s blood and smart devices that can track the vital statistics, such as pulse, blood pressure, sleep state, etc. are changing the world for many people. Protecting the inventions that make such advances possible is important for encouraging companies to invest in doing the expensive research required to come up with inventions that take advantage of those inventions. Our attorneys take seriously the value of protecting such inventions and the need for strategic consideration of the goals of our clients in attaining such protection. Understanding the relationships that our clients have with various other players in a complicated market in which companies are competitors with regard to some of their products or services and are partners with regard to other products or services is critical to the process of drafting patent applications and the claims of those applications in a way that can be most effectively aimed at strategic targets while minimizing collateral damage to partnerships.

We Understand our Clients Products and Needs

Our attorneys have been involved in the preparation and prosecution of dozens of patents related medical devices and implements, such as blood analyzers, bone screws, imaging systems, surgical tools, medical communications devices and many other health related inventions. We understand the expense that is involved in developing a medical device and the need to distinguish the device from those of competitors that will be quick to try to develop competing products and services on the heals of a successful product or service launch. Our experience describing the relationship between our clients’ inventions and anatomical structures of a patient make us the right choice for preparing applications for surgical implements, bone screws, implants and various other medical devices that require an understanding of the human body.