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Satellite and Telecommunications

The field of communications today is a highly competitive and innovative technology space. Several companies are investing heavily in 5th generation (5G) technology to be the first to identify the challenges and solve the problems that confront those that wish to compete in this market. In addition, there is also competition to develop new satellite and point to point communication systems that will increase the availability, speed and reliability of communications systems.

Access to Support in the Communications Technology

Having attorneys that work in one of the hubs of innovation in cellular communications, satellite communications, and point to point microwave systems provides us with the ability to take advantage of several benefits that come from working in such a location. For example, there are several active chapters of the IEEE to which our attorneys are members, giving them access to the latest information and innovative thinking in the field. Experts in communication technology from all over the world give talks that our attorneys can easily attend without major disruption to their work schedules. By staying abreast of the latest information, they can put their knowledge to work for our clients to make the process of preparing patent applications efficient, making it possible for inventors to communicate their inventions easily to the attorney responsible for preparing an application for our clients.

Strong Technical Background

Understanding digital circuits, analog circuit, Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and the devices, such as transmitters and receivers and everything from steerable antennas to digital frequency conversions and modulators allows our attorneys to understand the underlying functionality that related to inventions for cellular communications, satellite communications, radar and laser systems. They understand the complex technologies used in today’s products and can properly prepare applications for inventions related to these technologies in order to provide effective legal counsel to clients that are operating in a competitive environment in which protecting our clients’ investment in developing and inventing new products is critical to success.