The use of semiconductor is ubiquitous today. Almost every electronic device has a plethora of semiconductor devices that make up the device. These semiconductors perform everything from microprocessor functionality and controllers to radio receiver front ends and amplifiers.

Semiconductors come in many flavors

Semiconductors can be fabricated using a wide variety of fabrication processes, including 5 nanometer (nm), 7 nm, 10 nm, etc. In addition, the particular structures and materials used to fabricate a semiconductor vary significantly based on the particular functionality of the semiconductor being fabricated. For example, silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology may be used to fabricate metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) used to make amplifiers and switches, as well as static random access memory (SRAM). One type of SOI MOSFET, called a fully depleted SOI (FDSOI) can provide relatively high switching speeds needed for amplifiers and switches that operate in the telecommunications, signal processing and computing fields. However, there are several types of semiconductor architectures, materials, and fabrication processes that are being used to fabricate semiconductors today. The attorneys at Jaquez Land Greenhaus & McFarland have worked with several types of semiconductors and are very familiar with most aspects of the architecture, process, materials, electrical characteristics and general use of many different types of semiconductors. We can make communicating your inventions to our attorneys easy and efficient, letting our attorneys spend the bulk of their time thinking about the best way to strategically protect your inventions, rather than struggling to understand the technology.

Making vs. Using

Whether your invention relates to making a semiconductor integrated circuit device, or to making the best and most efficient use of a semiconductor device (either custom or off-the-shelf) that is manufactured for you by a supplier, our attorneys understand many of the technological issues and allow us to provide effective strategic counsel together with the efficient preparation of strong and effective patents to ensure that the inventions that you attempt to protect receive the protection that will give you the best chance to attain a competitive advantage over the competition. In addition, the clear and concise manner in which our attorneys prepare patent applications makes the patents that issue from those applications most likely to convince a potential licensee that their product reads on the claims of such patents. That is, by preparing a patent application that clearly and concisely discloses the inventions that are claimed, and by preparing claims that are tuned to read on products that incorporate the invention at issue, a potential licensee is more likely to come to the conclusion that a license is required to pursue their course of action, if their product incorporates the invention disclosed.